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CREST & Portfolio : A comprehensive guide for IMGs

Updated 2 months ago

Learn to enrich your portfolio and get CREST form signed!

Joining a specialty training in the UK is many doctors’ ultimate aim. And in order to join any CT1/ST1 level training in ANY SPECIALTY you will need to prove that you are ready i.e. competent to work at a foundation doctor level. The general pathway is to finish UKFPO run foundation programme. But many Internal Medical Graduates (IMGs) gets full GMC registration with their non-UK internship thus making them ineligible to apply for FY training. Here comes the CREST form – Certificate of Readiness to Enter Specialty Training.

Proving that you are a competent doctor in a completely new healthcare system sounds like a daunting task.  But to be honest, you have proven a maximum percentage of that by obtaining GMC registration (via exams like PLAB 2) already. All that requires going forward is sound planning, finding opportunities and good communication

The very first job even before taking this course will be looking at the latest CREST form for the year.  The related authorities makes changes which may involve making the previous year’s invalid. 

Secondly, go through the course below to understand how you can plan to find all the opportunities  and basically how you can prove your competencies.

Finally, execute them well. You are a doctor! You know it already!

Learning Objectives

From the lessons below,  you will get a overview of the CREST form and find out whether it is applicable in your case or not. In case you are looking to apply for higher specialty training straight away, CREST is not for you.  

Also a video walk-through of Horus e-portfolio, yes, you can have access to horus e-portfolio as a trust grade (non-training) doctor as well. You will also get a preliminary idea about the nature of different WPBAs (workplace based assessments) like Case-based Discussion (CbD), Mini- Clinical Evaluation Exercise ( Mini-CEX), Directly observed procedural skills (DOPS) which are used to assess your competency at the workplace real-time.

Find a wealth of FREE online resources to learn from as a way of e-learning. This is also tracked to confirm your participation which  helps to prove your knowledge on important aspects of the foundation curriculum.

Who's this for?

Course Instructor

Dr Ibrahim Ivan

Completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine & Surgery from Bangladesh. Upon finishing internship, he opted to take the PLAB exams in order to get registered with the General Medical Council of the UK. He works as an Internal Medicine Trainee under the Health Education of England.

Dr Ibreez Ajaz

Obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine & Surgery from Bangladesh. She has also taken the USMLE, but in the pursuit of better job satisfaction and free healthcare, she opted for the PLABs, and now works as an Internal Medicine Trainee. Her experience with both the US and UK healthcare systems adds to her prowess in helping others.

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Akram Raza
Posted 1 week ago
Great stuff

Found it extremely useful as an IMG. Keep up the good stuff!

Sreenath G
Posted 4 weeks ago

Simple. Precise. Easy to understand.

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