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Find a doctor’s job in the NHS UK by yourself!

After a long-road winding road of getting GMC registration with a license to practice, a lot of International medical graduates (IMGs) feel frustrated when they reach the stage of job hunting. With this course, we are extending our help to all the job-seeker doctors in the NHS to make their road to the UK a bit easier.

How many of you have heard that it is increasingly getting difficult to secure a job in the UK as a doctor? From our experience of running Road To UK and engaging social media groups, we have come to a conclusion that, successful IMGs puts forth unique and compelling job application. There are so many other places on the internet you will find copies of NHS job applications being shared and guess what, hundreds of IMGs are just copying off from that.

Imagine your are an HR rep or an employer who is looking at hundreds of applications for a job and you find many of them are just copy pasted from a common source. Automatically you will filter those applications out, even though among those applicants there might have been some unsuspecting eligible IMGs who did not know any better.

This is where we want to strike! We want to empower you to prepare a captivating, persuasive and solid application for your NHS job. 

Learning Objectives

  • Navigating through the NHS jobs site
  • Understanding the different types of jobs
  • Making a solid CV or jobs profile
  • Finding the right job advert
  • An example of applying for a job
  • Other jobs sites

From the lessons below, you will be able to understand where is what in the NHS job application website to get a good bearing as it contains walk-throughs. You will also know what job title to target for based on your level of experience and expertise.

We will walk you through how to answer the questions in an NHS jobs profile, making it to-the-point. Also a simple yet powerful strategy to fond the right NHS job advertisement. 

Dr Ibrahim Ivan applies for a job (he obviously does not submit!) from the start till the end in one of the lessons. He also discusses about all the other websites an IMG might be able to find a job in the NHS.

Who’s this for?

  • Newly GMC (UK) registered doctors
  • International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

Course Instructor(s)

Dr Ibrahim Ivan

Internal Medicine Trainee