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Who Are We?

Dr Ibreez Ajaz and Dr Ibrahim Ivan, are the founders of the Road to UK platform. There are 100+ blog articles covering working and living in the UK as medical doctors which gets ~150,000 views/month. Their YouTube Channel contains in-depth videos and vlogs about the UK process, and their Facebook page and groups enables them to be in contact with and support a massive number of IMGs on a daily basis.

How do we design our courses?

  • All official guidance is scoured and information relevant to international medical graduates (IMGs) is clarified.
  • Our personal experience is added with the personal experiences of others to enriches our courses.
  • We also read numerous emails and feedback we get from our readers.

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Available Courses


A Beginner’s Guide to PLAB

Complete guidance on the medical licensing exam for the UK!


CREST & Portfolio : A comprehensive guide for IMGs

Learn to enrich your portfolio and get CREST form signed!


Postgraduate Training (Residency) Pathway: An in-depth guide for IMGs

Know how to join your desired training program in the UK!


Applying for jobs in the NHS: A step-by-step guide for IMGs

Find a doctorโ€™s job in the NHS UK by yourself!